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Quality and an abundance of ideas are traditional characteristics of VAUEN, which go back 160 years. In 1848 Karl Ellenberger and his partner Carl August Ziener turn an idea into reality in Nuremberg, Germany. In the search for a term which would be easy to remember and not be confused with anything else.., Ernst Eckerts son, Adolf Eckert coined a new name for the business in 1909. VAUEN, consisting of the initial letters V (pronounced VAU) from Vereinigte Pfeifenfabriken and the N (pronounced EN) of Nuremberg.

In 1911 Adolf Eckert began marking choice quality pipes with a white dot on the mouthpiece as a distinguishing mark. In the meantime the White Dot has become a trademark that is renowned worldwide. The White Dot guaranties a special selection of material, an attractive grain and the highest possible standard of craftsmanship. Export customers receive the White Dot quality with a grey dot.

After 1945 Ernst Eckert, son of Adolf Eckert, succeeded in overcoming the destructive effects of the war with an unshakeable pioneering spirit. VAUEN grew to become a business with a world-wide reputation once more. Alexander Eckert, now the fifth generation of pipemaker has been at the head of the oldest German pipemanufacturing company since 1982. The company, which has been in the hands of the founders family since it was established is expanding once again in importance as a result of increased International commitment.

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